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Adriano Manocchia named Official Conservation Artist

Ronald G. Dodson, Chairman of ISC-Audubon announced today that Adriano Manocchia has been named the Official Conservation Artist of ISC-Audubon. Through this position with the not-for-profit ISC-Audubon, Manocchia will be working with the organization to generate awareness of the importance of conservation oriented landscape management at home, work and at play.

Dodson said, “As Official Conservation Artist”, Manocchia will contribute through his art in raising awareness for the ISC-Audubon Adriano-fishing-2-low-resConservation Landscapes for America initiative, which is aimed at motivating people to become personally engaged in conservation and sustainability where they live, work, and play.

“We are very excited and honored that Adriano has agreed to become associated with our organization”, comments Mr. Dodson.

Manocchia said, “I first met and collaborated with Ron when he was working with the National Audubon Society and later with the Audubon Society of New York State. We lost connection for several years but I am very pleased to have now reconnected with Ron. I'm very supporting of the efforts he is now spearheading through ISC-Audubon and I’m honored to contribute to their success through my artistic vision.”

Dodson and Manocchia worked together with the support of the United States Golf Association (USGA) in the past to produce a series of golf related art that featured some of the top conservation oriented golf course facilities in the country. Dodson said that the present role that Manocchia will fill, will not only include golf conservation, but will feature artwork of other subjects including waterscapes, sporting art, wildlife and landscapes. His work captures some of the most magnificent conservation efforts in America.

Manocchia, a New Yorker who has been a full time painter for the last thirty years, is perhaps best known for his sporting art. His paintings have been displayed at such prestigious venues as the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester, Vermont. In June, 1997, the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum in Livingston Manor, New York exhibited Manocchia's work, along with the work of artist Mark Susinno, in a show called Above and Below. Manocchia also has often focused his attention on wildlife, especially the North American mammals that share his own watery and wooded habitat: moose, deer and wolves.

ISC-Audubon and Ronald G. Dodson

ISC-Audubon is a not-for-profit education and advocacy organization committed to encouraging people to practice conservation and sustainability where they live, work and play.

Ronald G. Dodson is a wildlife biologist and natural resource planner who has worked for over 35 years in the conservation field. Dodson has authored a number of books and publications on wildlife management, sustainability and has created a number of award winning conservation and certification programs. As Chairman of ISC-Audubon Dodson leads the conservation and policy development efforts of ISC-Audubon.

Adriano Manocchia Bio: 

Adriano Manocchia, born in New York in 1951, began a career in photo-journalism while completing his BA degree for literature from Pace University in New York. Upon completion of college, Adriano ran his own photo/film agency covering events for television and print media. His work has taken him aboard the aircraft carrier Nimitz, on mid-air refueling missions, on the Goodyear Blimp, and on numerous assignments to the White House.

In 1983, Adriano began spending his free time painting. A year later he decided to undertake this new challenge full time. Through his art, he has supported Ducks Unlimited, Atlantic Salmon Federation, Trout Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, American Cancer Society and the Special Olympics. His limited edition prints - Giant Panda and Snow Leopard - were endorsed by the National Zoo in Washington and the New York Zoological Society. A Bald Eagle painting was chosen to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Constitution by the U.S. Bicentennial Committee, with the image reproduced on a poster and collector plate. Adriano's work helped raise over $250,000 for Ducks Unlimited through their Sponsor Print Program from 1990 to 1992. He participated in the North Atlantic Ducks Unlimited Flyway Artist program in 1991 and 1992 and was N.Y. Audubon Society Earth Day artist in 1993. He was selected Artist of the Quarter in 1991 and 1995 for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and sponsor artist in 1992 and 1996. Several of his paintings were featured in the hardcover collector's book Fine Art of Georgia's Fairways. His art has appeared on the NBC Today Show, State Of the Art, and Woods n' Water TV Show. His work has been widely published both in Europe and the United States.

Adriano's paintings won the prestigious OWAA/DuPont Art Award in 1989 through 1991. His work has appeared in Gray's Sporting Slow-Drift-12-x-24Journal, Flyfishing, Fly Rod & Reel, Collector Editions, Outdoor Life, Premiere (Monte Carlo), Wildlife Art, Conservationist, Pescare (Italy), Flyfishing Quarterly, Bugle, U.S. Art, Sporting Classics, and Flyfisher (Japan). Following a sold out show at the American Museum Of Fly Fishing in Manchester, Vermont in 1992, Adriano traveled to Europe to introduce his work and was the featured artist at the 8th Annual International Fishing Expo in Verona, Italy. In 1997 his paintings were featured at a retrospective sporting art show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming, in a one-man show at Trailside Galleries in Jackson Hole, and at the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum in Livingston Manor, New York, in a two-man show entitled "Above and Below". In 2000 he was featured in the J.N. Bartfield Galleries catalog and at an Artist Showcase exhibit at Trailside Galleries.

In the United States his oils are shown at J.N. Bartfield Galleries (New York City), Trailside Galleries (Jackson, Wyoming and Scottsdale, Arizona), Broadway Gallery (Alexandria, Virginia), John Collette Fine Art (Highland, North Carolina), Zantman Art Galleries (Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho), The Sporting Gallery (Middleburg, Virginia), the Sporting Life Gallery (Beaver Creek, Colorado), and Montana Trails Gallery (Bozeman, Montana).

Awards & Distinctions

Save The Sound - Official Poster Artist, 1987

Panda Conservation Research/Smithsonian - Print Artist, 1987

Snow Leopard Project/NY Zoological Society, Print Artist, 1987

Kentucky Trout Stamp Competition - Hon. Mention, 1988

Maine Sportsman's Show Wildlife Art - 1st, Hon. Mention, 1989

Official Artist of the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, 1989

OWAA/DuPont Art Contest - 1st & 2nd: 1990, 1st: 1989,'91

Sportsman's Alliance of Maine - Sponsor Artist, 1989,'90,'91

Official N.Y. Audubon Earth Day Artist, 1990

N.Y. Ducks Unlimited - Sponsor Print Artist, 1990,'91,'92

Atlantic Salmon Federation - Special Poster Artist, 1990

Collector Editions Award Of Excellence Nominee, 1990-1994

FFF N.E. Council - Artist of The Year Award, 1991

Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation Artist of the Quarter, Summer 1991

Animal In Art Exhibit - Hon. Mention, Merit Award, 1991

Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation - Premier Sponsor Artist, 1991, 1995

National DU Flyway Program - Selected Print Artist, 1991

Wetlands America - Official Artist, 1991

OWAA Annual Conference - Featured Artist, 1991

New England DU - Sponsor Print Artist, 1992

AIPO Intern. Fishing Expo, Italy - Featured Artist/Poster, 1992

Art For The Embassy Program - Selected Artist, 1992-1995


Pitman Company Collection, Totowa, New Jersey

Tudor Farms Collection, Cambridge, Maryland

Fly Fishing Federation Museum, Livingston, Montana

Paul Jones Collection, Isla Morada, Florida

National Park of Abruzzi Museum, Italy

U.S. Embassy, Ankara, Turkey

U.S.G.A Headquarters, Far Hills, New Jersey

Shadow Hawk Golf Club, Houston, Texas

PGA Tour Headquarters, Ponte Vedra, Florida

Precision Valve Collection, Yonkers, New York

American Museum of Fly Fishing, Manchester, Vermont

IGFA Museum Headquarters, Florida

Catskill Fly Fishing Museum, Livingston Manor, New York

SustainAbility Newsletter Archive Article (random)

The Colorado Golf Carbon Project Making Strides At This Year

Golfpreserves® presents a check to the Golf Foundation of Colorado and acknowledges industry leaders who are the first to purchase carbon certificates. (Pictured in Photo from left to right Noble Hendrix-Golfpreserves, Michael Chaplinski-Turf Feeding Systems, Ron Dodson-The International Sustainability Council, R. Eric Dodson-Audubon Lifestyles, Kirk Hunter - The Lawn Institute) 


On Thursday, February 10, 2011, Golfpreserves® presented a check for $12,000.00 to the Golf Foundation of Colorado representing carbon sequestered from 1,800 acres of the more than 2,000 acres of turfgrass donated by golf courses participating in the Colorado Golf Carbon Project. Golfpreserves® assessed, verified, and calculated the amount of carbon sequestered using scientific research developed at Colorado State University and the USDA/ARS in Fort Collins where this donated check will help to continue the research in turfgrass carbon storage, carbon footprint of turf systems and their environmental stewardship.

The United States Golf Association, The Lawn Institute, Audubon Lifestyles, The International Sustainability Council, Turf Feeding Systems, and Golfpreserves® are leading this effort by being the first to purchase Carbon Certificates representing a total of 1,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide, removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis and stored in the soil by turfgrass, at verified sites in Colorado. These sites include THE BROADMOOR, Colorado Springs, Colorado, APPLEWOOD, Golden, Colorado, BRECKENRIDGE, Breckenridge, Colorado, and EAGLE RANCH, Eagle, Colorado.

“This is the first time that certificates created from carbon sequestered by turfgrass have been purchased in the United States. The major purchasers are the leading representative organizations of both the golf and turfgrass industries, the USGA and the Lawn Institute, the research foundation of Turfgrass Producers International. This is also the first time that carbon sequestration certificates’ purchased proceeds have been dedicated to research for carbon sequestration, energy management, and environmental stewardship as it is related to turfgrass operations,” says Noble Hendrix, co-founder of Golfpreserves®. 

Michael P. Kenna, Ph.D., Director of Green Section Research for the United States Golf Association commented, “The goals of this program are to recognize the ecosystem value of golf courses; promote a positive story about golf to the world, and develop a needed funding mechanism for environmental research. It is also our hope that other green industry associations, foundations and corporations will participate in this program so we can all benefit from the research it will provide.” 

“Audubon Lifestyles and the ISC are excited to be part of a program that put economic value on the environmental process of sequestering carbon. It is our hope that the Colorado Golf Carbon Project serves as a successful pilot that can be expanded nationwide in an effort to support environmental research and help establish and communicate the economic and environmental value of carbon that is sequestered by turfgrass,” said Eric Dodson, CEO of Audubon Lifestyles. “It is important to note that the benefits of turfgrass are not limited to golf courses. The turfgrass in home lawns, sports fields, parks, and roadsides, are all equally beneficial in sequestering carbon, but of equal importance is we are finally putting economic value on environmental assets,” concluded Dodson.

About the Colorado Golf Carbon Project
The Colorado Golf Carbon Project is the first ever-comprehensive emission and sequestration project for the golf and turfgrass industries. In addition to providing the full picture of carbon sequestration and emissions at the participating courses, the project presents a built in funding mechanism for future research and development for the environmental improvement of turfgrass systems. In October of 2009, Golfpreserves® and the Allied Golf Associations of Colorado initiated the Colorado Golf Carbon Project, where a carbon emissions data collection system as well as documentation of the carbon sequestered at participating golf courses is ongoing. The project is not only unique in its achievements, but also in the diverse group of representatives who stand behind it: the Allied Golf Associations of Colorado, including the Colorado Golf Association, the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the GCSAA, the Colorado chapters of the NGCOA, PGA, CMAA, Colorado Women’s Golf Association and Golfpreserves®. Further, the project is supported by the USGA, Colorado State University, USDA-ARS, The Lawn Institute, Turfgrass Producers International, Audubon International, the International Sustainability Council, Audubon Lifestyles, Turf Feeding Systems, National Turfgrass Federation, Sustainable Golf and Development, Urbana University, as well as the Office of the Governor of Colorado. 

About Golfpreserves®
Golfpreserves is a carbon sequestration program for the golf course and other turf based industries. As aggregator, Golfpreserves® creates the assessment, quantification and confirmation of carbon sequestered from turfgrass operations and creates carbon certificates. These verified certificates in the amounts from 50 to 1,000 metric tons are sold at $10 per metric ton to customers who value sequestered carbon and the research and public relations that the project provides. The proceeds from sold carbon certificates are invested two-thirds in research focusing on turfgrass carbon sequestration, energy usage, and environmental stewardship, and one-third for public relations and to run the program. The Golfpreserves® project is open to participation for the owners of the country’s golf courses and other operations and facilities with turfgrass. There is no cost to be a participant with Golfpreserves®. Visit  for more information or to make an inquiry. 





References and Sources used in this issue of SustainAbility Newsletter Include:

Audubon Lifestyles 
The International Sustainability Council 

Sustainability Campaign


American Society of Golf Course Architects

The United States Golf Association (USGA)

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Turf Feeding Systems

National Geographic



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