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By: Ron Dodson

     We believe that in order to achieve the vision associated with a more sustainable society, some things must grow – jobs, productivity, efficiency, wages, capital and savings, profits, information, knowledge and education – and others – pollution, waste and poverty – must not. The Sustainability Campaign is aimed at forging partnerships with businesses, universities, governments and not-for-profits, encouraging the adoption of the ISC Principles of Sustainability.

We are promoting: Conservation - Education - Nature-based Tourism

Roof Top Farm, Under Glass

Gotham Greens designs, builds and operates commercial scale greenhouse facilities in urban areas for fresh vegetable production. Since story-people-2commencing production in early 2011, Gotham Greens has quickly become a worldwide pioneer in the field of urban agriculture and one of New York State’s leading producers of premium-quality, greenhouse-grown vegetables and herbs.

Gotham Greens’ pesticide-free produce is grown using ecologically sustainable methods in technologically-sophisticated, climate-controlled rooftop greenhouses. Gotham Greens provides its retail, restaurant, and institutional customers with reliable, year-round, local supply of produce grown under the highest standards of food safety and environmental sustainability.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Gotham Greens is involved in urban agriculture projects in cities across the United States and internationally.

Company leaders say that they are farmers that live in apartments and that they see green fields where others see rooftops. That they fuel blooming communities where others fear urban decay.

Their growers are passionate about producing the finest quality, freshest, best tasting, and most nutritious culinary ingredients available. They care about their customers just as much as they care about every need of our plants, from seed to harvest.

Gotham Green’s products are harvested before breakfast so they can be on customer’s plates by lunch, and they don’t just blindly talk about being “local” “sustainable” and “natural.”

While some may say that the farms of Gotham Greens might be unconventional, in these unconventional times that is exactly what is needed.

A Call To Action

As the global population continues to spiral upward and wildlife species around the globe continue to edge ever closer to img2extinction. As the global supplies of fresh water become more scarce and has human disease continues to spread around the globe, ISC-Audubon continues to work to spread the seeds of sustainability, one person, one place at a time.

We are working with homeowners, municipality leaders, large corporations, small businesses, farmers and city dwellers. Everyone must become involved in conservation, stewardship and sustainability.

If you care about the Earth, your children, your grandchildren and those yet to even be though about, you must get involved where you live, work and play. Now is the time!

Below, Morgan Freeman narrates a film that we think clearly spells out why you should join ISC-Audubon and become engaged in stewardshp. The film was produced by Films For Action.

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Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Chage

The Pentagon on Monday released a report asserting decisively that climate change poses an immediate threat to national security, with increasedThe Pentagon US Department of Defense building risks from terrorism, infectious disease, global poverty and food shortages. It also predicted rising demand for military disaster responses as extreme weather creates more global humanitarian crises.

The report lays out a road map to show how the military will adapt to rising sea levels, more violent storms and widespread droughts. The Defense Department will begin by integrating plans for climate change risks across all of its operations, from war games and strategic military planning situations to a rethinking of the movement of supplies.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, speaking Monday at a meeting of defense ministers in Peru, highlighted the report’s findings and the global security threats of climate change.

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Ford Motor Company - Zero Landfill Waste

The Ford Motor Company Oakville, Canada assembly plant now sends zero waste to landfill, an achievement that gives Ford LogoFord the distinction of becoming landfill free at all its manufacturing facilities in Canada. Oakville Assembly is the first Ford assembly plant in North America to achieve this environmental designation.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this effort!

Small Wind Turbines

This past May, ten collegiate teams from across the country descended upon Las Vegas, Nevada, to compete in the Energy Department’s inaugural Collegiate Wind Competition. Designed to tap the ingenuity of young engineers, business majors, and social scientists to help advance the nation’s wind industry, each unique team was comprised of students with diverse backgrounds who were challenged to build a transportable wind turbine that could power a small electronic device like a cell phone or laptop.

Throughout the three-day competition, teams worked tirelessly: testing, tweaking, and fixing their designs to dazzle the judges and outshine the small wind turbinesother teams. Since success meant flashing business expertise and public speaking skills in addition to innovative engineering, this blade-to-blade competition also called for an element of showmanship. Teams’ strongest assets varied, so the competition was fierce, and wringing out an extra ounce of performance could make the difference between winning and losing.

While each team faced a unique set of challenges, in the face of adversity and what could only be described as assured defeat, one team rose above the rest. During a practice run in one of the wind tunnels the day before the main event, Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) suffered what looked to be a fatal setback. Penn State’s rotor dislodged from its turbine while spinning at full speed, smashed into the wind tunnel safety mesh and shattered its 3D-printed blades into countless pieces.

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Sponsors are a critically important part to the success of ISC-Audubon. As a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating sustainability, we offer all of our programs to our members free of charge, and are publicly available for download on our website.

ISC-Audubon is proud to extend the opportunity to select businesses and organizations to become sponsors of our sustainability education and advocacy programs. As a sponsor, your business or organization can realize significant value.

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A Coalition for Good - Spreading the Seeds of Sustainability

ISC-Audubon is a coalition of non-profit organizations and initiatives that include The International Sustainability Council (ISC), Audubon Lifestyles, Audubon Outdoors, Planit Green, Broadcast Audubon, and the Audubon Network for Sustainability. 

Funds generated through memberships and donations are used to provide fruit & vegetable seeds, wildflower seed mix, and wildlife feed & birdseed to urban and suburban communities around the world. These seeds are used by communities to establish fruit and vegetable gardens, bird and wildlife sanctuaries, and for the beautification of urban and suburban landscapes by creating flower and native plant gardens.

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