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The Dodson Journal

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The Dodson Journal is a blog about people who I know and that are involved in interesting and fun activities, places that I find interesting and things that might be a tad unusual. Some posts will be about long past experiences and some will be from recent explorations. I hope you enjoy the posts and if you ever have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you!


Road Trip Random Thoughts

I just completed a 2 day road trip from Dunedin, Florida to Feura Bush, New construction vehicleYork. It was a long drive, with lots of traffic, punctuated with frequent stops to fuel up on overpriced gasoline. Traveling alone gives a person loads of time to think and come up with generally useless ideas, generated by passing observations.

For example, I saw at least 10 large construction, type trucks with huge orange signs on the back of them that read: “Construction Vehicle Do Not Follow.”  After getting behind the 10th such truck in a line of traffic, I thought, I’d like to have an orange bumper sticker that reads: “Pleasure Vehicle Please Do Not Get In Front Of Me.”

I noticed that the most common bird that I saw on the journey, and one that I saw in nearly every State that I traveled through, were Turkey Vultures. I guess the Interstate Highway System makes for good Turkey Vulture food, but I’m not sure when it would be safe for the bird to land and consume the carrion.

Traveling from south to north in late April it was interesting to note the changes in the vegetation and to actually witness springs slow movement toward the north. Every time I make this trip (in either direction) I always remark how much I like the look of Virginia. On this particular trip I decided to make a left hand turn in Richmond and take I-64 west through the Shenandoah Valley and then turn north on I-81 toward the northeast. I always wish that I had the time…or just take the time to travel down Skyline Drive and pass through Shenandoah National Park. One of these times I will do that. That entire region seems pretty spectacular to me.

However, just prior to arriving in the Shenandoah region, I had the unfortunate experience of being at a dead stop on I-64 along with hundreds of other motorists. This 40 minute parking lot experience was a dandy time to catch up on email and to ponder why we were all just sitting still on a 4 lane interstate highway.  When the traffic started moving, everyone took off in a rush and for the life of me, I saw no evidence of anything that could have caused such a road blockage. I’m sure it was something important, but I have no clue.

An observation about the roads in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I’m sure that I have seen worse roads somewhere, but I can’t remember where! A million orange and white striped barrels, and concrete barricades just about wide enough for a motorcycle to pass through without hitting the handlebars, with potholes big enough to use as a swimming pool was the theme of transportation in Scranton. The moral of this is, if you ever find yourself traveling through Scranton…don’t!

When I finally arrived in New York State, near Binghamton, the sky was gray and it started raining.  It had generally been blue, sunny skies since my departure from Florida with a passing scene of various shades of greens, with a with a smattering of white

Dogwood Trees and the reddish purples of the Redbud Trees. But, now that I was back in New York, it was gray, raining and there was not a green, reddish or white (except for the occasional plastic bag stuck in a dead tree) flower to be seen. The birches and occasional Sycamore Tree cast a lonesome presence on the barren hills and I drove on into the darkness of Upstate New York thinking…”Well, it won’t be long and I’ll be heading back to Florida!”

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